After Constantine’s Triumph, Rome brought a persecuted minority of Christianity into the centre of the empire and transformed it with new Roman places of worship, art, and priestly hierarchy. Christianity rapidly transitioned from a religion of the oppressed to a religion of the oppressors, from meeting in private homes to ornate basilicas, from underground graffiti in catacombs to gold leaf emboldened graves, from a common communion with God to being mediated through a priestly hierarchy.

“While many in the church hierarchy attempted to develop the essence of sectarian Christianity born out of persecution and martyrdom, the emperors aimed to incorporate many aspects of traditional civic religion and in particular the old pagan imperial cult into Christian modes of worship.” (Jan Elsner, The Triumph of Christianity pg. 224)

Within a hundred years, the changes Constantine instituted had transformed Roman imperialism into Christendom.


Constantine I don’t believe. You’re not as Great as some people think Constantine I don’t believe. Christ had to die to make you king. After Julius killed off the Republic the people needed something to believe in. Something that would bring them together. Nothing would bind them like Christendom would. For three hundred years Christians were persecuted because they refused to bow down. Constantine fashioned a new civic religion: Christ is God but I make the law. Who died and made you king? Constantine I don’t believe. History isn’t what it seems.





Jared Both London, Ontario

I am a songwriter from Southern Ontario who has recorded and performed with:
Barn Owl (Toronto)
-Young Feathers (Kitchener & Hamilton)
-Gospel of Barn Owl (Hamilton)

Now I'm recording and releasing music under my own name with friends from past bands and new friends in London Ontario where I live now.
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