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Barn Owl -Chasing the Glow

by Jared Both

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D F# E C F# E on the church steps i see my man D A C G i came here to morn and he holds out his hand D F# E C F# E the heat is on him, he's messed up and scared D A C G a former friend and a new dead witness G ... E A . B ... G ... E A . B G B . D F# E C F# E on the church steps i see my man D A C G dressed in white robes a perfect lamb D F# E C F# E i'll see heaven or i'll be damned D A C G but we are far from free and aching badly G E A B will government listen? A dead witness X 4 F# B A G will government listen? A dead witness X 4 B G A no pride in guns just destruction X 4 F# B A G no pride in guns just destruction X 4
D G Oh mercy Lord I fell asleep driving D G headed for nowhere running from ghosts A B my mind's so mixed up from the coffee and sadness B G A D but that's what you get when you travel alone E B D A G I'm awake with my head on the edge of the wheel E B G B policemans badge shines in the sun E B D A G he tells me I have to get off this highway E B G F E D he tells me to get home alive D G Oh mercy Lord I sped down that highway D G searching for comfort, searching for rest A B the ghost rests her head on the passengers window B G A D an ambulance driver passes me by E B D A G The next turnoff has a small place to eat E B G B the waitress looks like this girl that I know E B D A G she tilts her head as she pours me my coffee E B G F E D how did hurt someone so beautiful? D G Oh mercy ma'am have you small children? D G Does a man love you? Does he help with the bills? A B She looks at me blankly and shifts her hair sharply, B G A D "I'm sorry mister you better move on through". A G D A Now that I outstayed my very last welcome I don't know where to turn A G D A I walk outside and on the roof of the diner, is the ghost, the girl that I killed. G...D... X4 B A G I close my eyes and I see the girl, lying there dead on the side of the road


Most of this album was recorded in a country church near Wiarton. You may purchase this on CD and/or vinyl. The total limited edition print run was 200. Every record comes packaged with silk screened jacket with lyrical insert and pressed CD.


released January 1, 2007

Produced, recorded and mixed by Alex Unger. All songs written by Jared Both. Vocals and ocean drum by Maggie Clair Cross. Cello by Sebastian Ostertag. Vocals, piano and violin by Leslie Purias. Bass guitar, drums and vocals by Drew Taylor. Vocals and guitar by Jared Both. Drums on track #2 and #7 by Pat Piper




Jared Both London, Ontario

I am a London Ontario artist and I write in the vein of other Ontario indie folk artists like The Stars. In the cities I have lived in, I have bicycled through many snowy streets to attend and perform at small venue shows.

Past bands include:
Barn Owl (Toronto)
-Young Feathers (Kitchener & Hamilton)
-Gospel of Barn Owl (Hamilton)
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