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Barn Owl- The Roman Empire Never Ended

by Jared Both

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Count your blessing one by one I've been netted by you so I can't be lost. So count me won. The kingdom comes your hand touches my face. Have faith and don't be afraid. Yours is holy blood. He walks toward me with a certain grace. The way you look its hard to look away. The way you look. You are a witness to all that is good. A wondering, a longing and a place to be found. Come now aural fount.
All the devastation the butchering the plundering the conflagration and all the anguish were in accord with the general practise of war. All of Rome had totally surrendered. The barbarian savagery had a gentle nature, the large basilisks chosen set aside. Filled with people spared by the enemy. No one taken away into captivity. All of Rome had totally surrendered. Everything was stolen or burned to the ground. No one who hid the churches was injured. No one lost their lives for the sake of a few jewels. How long? Will you hide yourself forever? How long? Will your wrath burn like fire? You have renounced your covenant. You have defiled the crown into the dust. I will punish their sins with a rod and their iniquities with flogging but I will not take away my love from them or ever forsake my faithfulness. The barbarians will burn down your house, your bank, your supermarket, and police station. But they have not yet burned down the home of Palestinian children. I will give everything in love and remember no more violence, As hard as it is to live this, I believe everything is possible. Imperial lands surround us! Protect your soul from suffocating! I will cut off and live on the fat of the whale from inside it's swollen belly.
123 B.C. the West was ruled by a patriarchal oligarchy. Rule by the Senate submission by the rest and the tribunes the representatives. Tiberius Graicus tried to get back the land the rich had stolen from the soldier farmers. He brought down the Senate's puppets and they beat him to death with the pieces of the assembly benches. The State must not suffer any harm. I am almost sure that the Roman Empire never ended. It never ended. 2000 years ago the West was ruled by a family of brutal Roman Emperors. The capital was filled with murder the bathtubs with blood and warm water. One after another after the death of son relative or brother knelt at the hand of Nero and kissed his right hand. Of the holy Roman Emperor. I am almost sure that the Roman Empire never ended. It never ended. Feed you all the lions to the lions the lions. Burn down Babylon all over again. Football teams are training for proletariat armies
Chasing the Glow (free) 04:18
Playing fox and geese in the old pasture hiding in long grass a girl disappears laughing I trip right over her body chasing the glow and the trail of her hair I pray so long Be near, be near. The fields have all put on their winter coats and wolves press deep prints in grey drifts. I follow her footsteps out to the fields chasing the glow and the trail of her hair I pray so long Be near, be near. She comes and appears just like a spirit, and I believe, I believe you're real (near)
Deep underwater below warm currents below the world. The ship is black with rust in the pipes and the fire inside is our only light. My crew mate calls we're all alive but the voice is so dim with the hell in my mind. Over and over I pray to my Lord that my outreached hand can open the door. My Lord! My coffin is sinking I can't swim to shore tell my wife and my kids I'm not coming home. Like a bird to the ocean I will fall down send my family peace and bury me underground. In my last moment Lord bring me rest my coffin is sinking and I am at peace. There is no pain that I will hold in my heart.
You are my Greatest Ally. Carry my shield and I'll wave the flag. Link arms and don't let go. We shall overcome someday, someday. Do you believe in change? You must believe in change. You are my Greatest Ally. Tear gas explodes hiding away all the peoples faces. Wash out my eyes so I can see my enemies. Corporation, policemen, politicians all against the young Black Bloc. We shall over come someday, someday. Are you wiling to stand up for what is right? Are you willing to face down riot cops? Are you willing to spend some time in jail? If you're willing we shall overcome!
We met in a autumn orchard fire flies all around. An apple thief and a dead bee collector young explorers of the universe. We met in a wooden hall show underneath the queen's blue eyes. I was charmed mute I couldn't speak right, music was a safe retreat. It takes a long time to believe someone who loves you is waiting for you.
Be my river from an underground stream. Be my river, wash over me. You have my hands, you have my mouth, you have my heart. Now wash over me. Be my river from an underground sea. Be my river, wash over me. Mountains are you're crown. Cities are your deep blood. I traveled so far just to meet you. Now wash over me.


Rooted in the experience of communities detained in the Toronto 1090, the album dialectically compares Philip K Dick's summation with the ongoing police repression of human rights and freedoms. In a massive shift from their folk ballad beginnings, Jared Both barks about Roman history straight from Tacticus and St. Augustine while imitating F*cked Up's Pink Eye with a harder, faster band. The post-hardcore songs are amped even further by Glenn Gould grad Sebastian Ostertag's epic orchestral arrangements. Recorded and produced by Dead Medium in Neil's old bedroom at the Duspa during Pat Piper's six free albums in one year blitz (10,000 Creatures, Sick Error, Graham Cavalier, Falling Trees, & Danger Danger!). Finally mixed by Jon Marck with editing credits in two documentaries, “Return to El Salvador” and “Ordinary Radicals”.


released June 30, 2010

Produced and recorded by Pat Piper. Mixed by Jon Mark. Songwriting by Jared Both.

Pat Piper -- drums & vocals
Eric Brauer -- bass
Michelle Drew -- keyboard & vocals
Sebastian Ostertag -- cello
Jon Mark -- violin
Jared Both -- guitar & vocals
Zoe Alexis Abraham -- vocals
Maggie Cross -- vocals




Jared Both London, Ontario

I am a London Ontario artist and I write in the vein of other Ontario indie folk artists like The Stars. In the cities I have lived in, I have bicycled through many snowy streets to attend and perform at small venue shows.

Past bands include:
Barn Owl (Toronto)
-Young Feathers (Kitchener & Hamilton)
-Gospel of Barn Owl (Hamilton)
... more

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