How did the Medieval Church justify the Crusades? At the Fourth Lateran Council, Pope Innocent III updated Christian doctrine to allow the Church to wield more earthly political power: this more powerful Church could challenge rulers within Christendom who harboured heresy and muster the military support to recapture Jerusalem. It’s remarkable that at the Council the Pope still acknowledged the need for priests to be nonviolent representatives of Christ — even as he charged them with leading the armies of Christendom. Using the argument that he held the keys to heaven’s gates by virtue of his apostolic succession, Innocent promised eternal salvation for those who would fight heretics and infidels.


Twelve fifteen A. D . Summoned to his holy seat in Rome. Pope innocent began the council. The council of Christendom. If the ruler fails to cleanse. His land of rot and heresy. The peasants are absolved of all oaths. Reclaim the land for Christendom

No catholic priest can spill blood. Or write a letter to command it. But the West must free the Holy Land so send the armies of Christendom. With the powers of the apostles every Crusader was granted full pardon of all their sins to go to war for Christendom.

Anathematize every heretic that raises up against the Catholic faith. Turn them over to the bailiffs
they can prove their innocence

You keep the gay kids out of church by spreading lies about pestilence I don't want to hear about your love of God. While your hatred burns against my friends

You turn love to hate. So you can fight your crusade.


from The Gospel of Barn Owl - The Rise and Fall of Christendom, released October 23, 2014
clip from Cornell West 2013 speech about Dorothy Day at Maryhouse New York Catholic Worker , Songwriting and composition by Jared Both, Drums recorded and performed by Michael Siegrist, backing vocals by Brett Klassen, mixed and mastered by Transparent Mastering (Jon Tornblom).




Jared Both London, Ontario

I am a songwriter from Southern Ontario who has recorded and performed with:
Barn Owl (Toronto)
-Young Feathers (Kitchener & Hamilton)
-Gospel of Barn Owl (Hamilton)

Now I'm recording and releasing music under my own name with friends from past bands and new friends in London Ontario where I live now.
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